Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Why does a well styled bookshelf look as though it occurred naturally.......thank goodness for this tutorial here , it is from the lovely blog below.

Little Green Notebook with fantastic "how to guides"

Betsy Burnham via Decor Demon

House Beautiful


M Designs via La Dolce Vita

Kelly Klein via Habitually Chic

Martensen via Desire to Inspire

Lonny via The Lennoxx

And check out the "hints and tips" section at The Lennoxx, what a great find this website is!
I am now on a mission to find other ideas for styling a bookshelf (especially considering I have a wall of bookshelves downstairs that need some serious attention). Vignettes and tablescapes should be next I think.



  1. these are all so fabulous! I desperately want some book shelves built around a window in my lounge room, just need to find the time - time to make the time after seeing these images! x

  2. These are great. Makes you just want to cozy up in a super soft chair with a good book. Lovely blog.