Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dancing Girl's Bedroom

My delightful, 3 year old, daughter has a lovely room. I have for some time been trying to find an image I once saw, it is below and I am tickled pink that I have found it again! This is the initial inspiration for my Dancing Girls Room, her ceilings are much higher than these so the cabinetry will have to be lower and I think we will end up putting a cupboard on either end of the bookshelves too.  I am now on the hunt for some tulle to have as the valance (I won't be having the draws for now but think a tulle skirt for the bed would look amazing.  Anyone know of where I can get some "dancing themed decor" as we will only wear a skirt that "twirls" at the moment!!

I am waiting on my fabric for the headboard......bring on October!

I spent the weekend moving furniture around and planning Dancing Girl's master bedroom.  My "Astro Boy"  has moved on and is from this point forward to be known as "Budding Builder"  (he has ALWAYS had an obsession for building/construction).  So, first thing was to make the headboard.  Mr Amazing and Budding Builder went to work.....and then it was my turn to wallpaper the headboard (it will be upholstered once the to die for new fabric arrives in October).

Mr Amazing and Budding Builder hard at work......of course the tools are still left on the veranda :)
Typical.......ran out of adhesive glue.....until tomorrow headboard!